brain too full. sometime thing spill out. sometime pictures. sometime words. makes not forget things. music. singing. ray. tim. kol. beards. RAMBLING.
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Don’t watch Poo Factor. Watch this. The woman I grew up singing along to. And now I’m a badass bass I might be able to get these low notes I couldn’t get before.


Yeah baby!! #rugby

Retro Sunday listens. #cassette #acidjazz #yessiricanboogie

Contented kitty. #catstagram

We be singing at this today. :) #getonwithmakingmusic

I’m not sure what it means that my work PC is asking this question. #existential #artificialintelligence #riseofthemachines

Told you. I love it so much I’m channeling my inner Joan for work today. #madmen

Gorgeous silk scarf that my birthday #Lush goodies were all wrapped up in…bang on trend for next spring!! :)

Sleepy pony.

Get in! #north #cowbois

Tua’r gorllewin.

YOU. Yes you, over there, sitting bopping along to the tune in your head. You, who’s always singing in the shower. You, who’s looking for something fun to do in a sucky, cold, dark January. Yeah YOU. Look at this and rejoice. Come along, it’s freaken ACE. X

Artistic #selfie non? #painting