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Getting stuck into this bad boy from tomorrow :) thanks Kate! #smashthatcomfortzone #adventures


Starring Anton Yelchin and Rufus Sewell, and directed by David Karlak  (The Candidate).  I had the privilege of being involved in this project in its very, very early script stages, and I am AMAZED to see how far Karlak and his team have taken it.

This is a story about social and political change, breaking down oppressive social constructs, and expanding our understanding of individual identity.  Please, if you have a dollar or two to spare, consider contributing to RISE.  Or reblog to spread the word.  :)

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credit to girlsrgamers2 for gif

Heeellllllll YES. #HERCULES

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Awesomes. Another fab (and informative) evening with the diamonds of GEM Connection. I’m now officially official. #labbs #barbershop

Even better. #snc #highereducation #symbolicworkshopmoments

What I would like to see happening to it. #snc #highereducation #symbolicworkshopmoments

Ohhh I do love a fresh new Pukka Pad. #simplepleasures

Cheery ‘eve-of-monumental-birthday’ reading. Pretty damn awesome as it goes. #history #medieval #death

Crockett and She-Ra, together at last. What a weekend. #80s #birthdays

THIS IS A BRILLIANT BOOK. Not just for utter language nerds, for anyone who has ever thought, “Ooh isn’t English a nutso language and why is it all spelt funny?” Get hold of it and read it. All at once, in bits, the choice is yours, but you should. #language #spelling #linguistics #davidcrystal


From Bump to Buzz. 

We took photos of every day of our pregnancy, this is the result. Hope you like it. 



La famille Watson en vacances dans le siarabang!! #holidays #scotland #yippee

The very best desktop ever. #mechanicalbull #excited #kingsofleon